Anti ectoparasites delicate cat shampoo

Shampoo from a professional line providing a high class of care and protection. Intended for bathing cats, which because of their particularly delicate and sensitive skin and fur do not tolerate ordinary shampoos. The specially formulated recipe contains such excellent ingredients as water-soluble silk proteins, wheat and a complex of vitamins. They are easily absorbed by the hair and skin, they nourish and moisturize, and thanks to neutral pH, the shampoo gently soaks without causing irritation. Complex of vitamins, including vit. E helps to maintain the natural protective layer of the skin and strengthens the resistance to external factors.
The shampoo in its composition contains the addition of natural hypoallergenic and toning oils. They reduce the possibility of irritation,and because they are not liked by insects, they perfectly support cat fur parasites.

Contents: 200 ml.
Code: 5901688706398